Fire murderer in Siberia: 41 children among the dead

News 27 March, 2018
  • AFP

    Tuesday, 27 march 2018, 04:30

    Tuesday, 27 march 2018, 04:30

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    41 children died in the fire that killed at least 64 people Sunday in a shopping centre of Kemerovo, in Siberia, announced on Tuesday that a source of emergency services, cited by the state news agency Russian Ria Novosti.

    “In the list of the dead are the family names of 41 children”, said to Ria Novosti, a source in emergency services of the region of Kemerovo.

    According to the same source, the official report was Tuesday, of 64 dead, but it is not yet final.

    Russian president Vladimir Putin visited on Tuesday in Kemerovo, laying a wreath at the scene of the fire and visiting victims in hospital.

    At a meeting with several senior local and national leaders, he denounced “criminal negligence” while the authorities attribute this fire to numerous violations of safety rules.

    The investigators and the witnesses referred, in particular emergency exits are locked, and a total lack of alerts to notify customers of the shopping centre from the beginning of the fire.