First look at the MacBook 12 “2017, here are my impressions!

Techno 23 June, 2017

He’s there ! The new MacBook 12 “, Apple’s ultra-thin and ultra-light notebook, has just arrived at the editorial office for a great test. I took it in hand, and here are my impressions!
Two years after launching the first 12-inch MacBook Retina in April 2015, Apple launched the third version of its ultra-light notebook. Design level, there is nothing new under the sun of Cupertino. Apart from a small aesthetic change on the control key, difficult to differentiate this new MacBook from its elders . If you regretted the absence of several USB-C connectors (the MacBook 12 “2016 has only one) , the Apple did not drink your words since its ultraportable version 2017 is equipped only with a single port USB-C, maybe even more “serious” , when we know that Thunderbolt 3 compatibility is also part of the list of forgotten, but otherwise the MacBook 12 ”
The first real surprise for me is the keyboard of this new MacBook . Less rigid but still as loud as that of its big brother, the keyboard of the ultra-light Apple (920 g) seems to offer a better experience of input. It will take me a little more time to confirm or disprove this impression. But if the Retina display on this computer is less bright than the MacBook Pro 2017, the MacBook 12 ” is always eye-catching. The new MacBook is as good as the iPad Pro 10.5 Inches (read our full test of the tablet Apple . ) But for the real changes, it will discover the inside of the machine, Amuse to do in the next few days. RDV in a week to discover the full test of the MacBook 12 “2017.