First sex how to prepare for it?

Techno 13 March, 2018

2018-03-13 22:30

First sex how to prepare for it?
First sex boy or girl it’s an event, a person, one way or another, preparing myself. Only she knows when the time comes, there comes commitment.

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For thousands of years man was ready, and when I realized that ready to fly in space. Also, each of us goes into space, into the unknown world of sensations, feelings, relations.

How to understand that you are ready to start a new step in your life? You can resort to the analysis of data from three systems: mind, heart, body. When they are in agreement and harmony, the first sex is hard to mess up. Mind you have to understand that you do not interfere, no obligation and objective factors, such as the lack of time. After all, if this is the first time, then finish it in advance would be a shame. To predict everything, of course, difficult, but it is advisable to think in advance while you still understand the idea.

Next in our hit parade of bodies is the heart. Man must be nice, she needs to be loved by you. See if there is anyone you know that to be in bed with whom would you like more? Much whether you will be sad and dreary, if this is unknown the composition of bodies and their passion is not going to happen in the near future? It is sometimes said that people are divided into those who live by reason and those who live by heart. If you have not decided, before the first sex will be useful to consider the readings of both sensors.

And last, the most pleasant indicator of readiness for sex. The man is a nice touch, to kiss. When you are in her arms, the world fades. The feeling that you have in the abdominal organs of the digestive system, and, at least, pink pony or, as they say often, butterflies. Depends on the imagination and Zoological preference.

Without the approval body to have sex is meaningless. Here it is your main tool. How the first sex from a guy, if his work is not hard? What will the girl if her virgin sex magic sponge did not cover shiny clear masochka? Subsequently, each masters the art to synchronize all systems, but for now we will move on to another important part of the first sex.

From not hard to call a dozen places to have sex. With this if you wish, there is usually no problem. Another thing is that each place has its advantages and disadvantages. The house was comfortable, but the parents can come to hear neighbors (if to be extremely passionate and loud). In a rented apartment, no one hurt, even if you role-play in bed, but it’s worth some round amount. I even know the young man, first sex of which occurred in the Park in broad daylight. It needed courage and recklessness, but his partner then long could not believe that this was the first sex from a guy. As he said, “I was just completely sure that it should be today.”

In this case, as sex, to achieve amazing results, sometimes only on the efforts of one and assisting another partner, especially for the first time. In other words, the neophyte may rely (literally and figuratively) for professionals. If this is the first sex of a girl, sensitive to pain, the person may a few days before the action to break her hymen. This is to ensure that the skin has time to heal. In the case of a boy, much easier. You can just trust the more experienced partner, which will guide in the right direction, if you know what I mean. Because the woman already knows that men like sex and can bring.

At the end are other places where you can have sex, which is how all the known and unexpected:

apartment neighbors who asked me to look after a fish or a cat
isolated booths restaurants
apartment or simply bathroom friends
nature: rivers, quiet forest clearing.