First woman in Canada to receive the 5th dan in karate

News 10 September, 2017
  • Photo By Caroline Lepage
    France Carrier has trained for 10 years to successfully convince japanese judges to grant him his fifth dan.

    Caroline Lepage

    Saturday, 9 September 2017 19:47

    Sunday, 10 September, 2017 00:19

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    SHERBROOKE | wife of 64 years, the eastern Townships, became the first in Canada to get a fifth dan in kyokushin karate.

    When France Carrier is put in the head to get a fifth dan, 10 years ago, its owner, Andrew Gilbert, had told him not even to think about it. This discipline is very discriminatory and those that grant degrees in Japan refused to recognize a woman.

    Unlike their male counterparts, female athletes have to pay all of their expenses during the events of karate in Japan. If they win, they do not even have access to the podium.

    After years of efforts, shihan André Gilbert has done the impossible for his student.

    “It is thanks to him if the leaders, in Japan, have agreed that I pass the tests,” says the woman, grateful.

    So she went to Japan last spring to pass the tests that would top his 40 years of training in karate. She was extremely nervous.

    “I was eating ! I couldn’t even eat ! ” exclaimed she.

    For two days, it was housed in a camp with other candidates, male and female. Burst, she had to perform several sets of katas, exercises, cardio, self-defense techniques, in addition to passing the 10 fights.

    “It was very intense,” said the woman, 64-year-old.

    She succeeds

    Kyokushin karate is the pioneer of the fighting ” full contact “. This style is among the most popular in the world.

    At the end of the tests, Ms. Carrier was unaware of whether his performance met the many judges who examined.

    “Today, you have made my pride “, he had informed his master, shihan Andre Gilbert, who was accompanying him.

    However, the one who leads the five schools of karate in Sherbrooke preferred not to delude ourselves. About 10 weeks later, she was informed of her victory.

    “I was crying “, she said, moved.


    Because of this, so she accessed the prestigious title of shihan.

    A ceremony is scheduled for 23 September, when Mr. Gilbert will give his certificate, and his belt 5th dan in front of hundreds of students of karate.

    According to France Carrier, women have the advantage in the practice of karate, in particular, to know how to defend.

    This discipline brings him a lot, both on the physical and moral and spiritual. “I love it like the first day… and even more “, she said.