Fisherman from Australia miraculously survived a collision with a shark : In the World : Vladim

News 19 February, 2018

Fisherman from Australia caught a shark klyunuvshie his fishing rod and fell into the water. While he managed to stay alive.


Brett Palmer went fishing on his kayak. Soon, a large shark took his bait, he started to catch, but 3-metre predator resisted and jumped out of the water. At one point it bit through the boat and barely missed the leg of Brett. The shark flipped the boat, and her owner ended up in the water.

He had time to climb into the boat of my brother who was fishing nearby. He later told the media how much scared at that moment. Men left inverted kayak and decided to come back for her the next day. Soon, the police returned him in the water with fishing gear. The coast guard and law enforcement officers saw in the water a boat with shark bites and began to search for the alleged missing owner.