Fitbit Alta HR: Design, autonomy, functionality … What we thought of the bracelet connected!

Techno 14 April, 2017

We tested the Alta HR, the latest connected bracelet from Fitbit. Compact and comfortable to wear, it is also convenient and easy to use. It’s gone for a little assessment!
At the end of last month, meltyStyle shared your impressions after a day spent with the Fitbit Alta HR on the wrist . We put forward its compact format, its simplicity of use and sobriety. Since then, we have had the time to spend more time with the bracelet connected … We are therefore able to take stock of its performance, and its features. First, the enthusiasm for its design has been confirmed. Although a bit thick, the Fitbit Alta HR is anything but bulky. Its narrowness makes it possible to wear it without even paying attention, and one is absolutely not embarrassed whatever the activity to which one decides to devote itself. It even becomes a fashion accessory when you start to match its bracelet to its dress of the day. And to top it off, it’s very nice to wear.
The second point that we appreciated is the display of the bracelet connected. Simply turn the dial towards you to see the time and date it is displayed. Then you can access other information such as the number of steps and kilometers you have taken, the heart rate and the number of calories burned since the beginning of the day, among other things . It’s practical in everyday life, but also during sports sessions, where you just have to look at where we are. All these data are then listed in the Fitbit application, which allows to manage its activity as well as possible. Via the main menu, the user can also choose to start a particular session, And additional data such as the route made will be issued. To summarize, it looks like the app complements the functionality of Alta HR. Note that it also displays the notifications, with the name of the person who contacted you and the beginning of the message he wrote.
The Fitbit Alta HR also has a sleep monitoring function . It is therefore able to analyze the different phases you have passed while you were sleeping, the aim being to help you be as fit as possible when you start your day. The only drawback is that you have to keep the wrist band all night long, which is not necessarily natural for everyone (especially for those who sleep on the stomach). Another point worth emphasizing is the autonomy of the product concerned … Unlike some of its competitors, it is not energy intensive … It can hold a whole week without being recharged, We REALLY enjoyed it. No need to have all the time charger with you! To summarize, It looks like the Fitbit Alta HR is an excellent bracelet connected. Available at the price of 149 euros on the site of Fitbit , it undoubtedly fulfills the contract. It is regrettable, however, that it is not watertight, and therefore can not be used for swimming. So, do you want to test?