Five years imprisonment for having sex before marriage: Politicians dissatisfied with the sex before marriage : In the World : Vladim

News 11 February, 2018

Up the matter with the members of a political party of Indonesia, which are developing a new set of criminal laws. But the law penalizing sexual relations before marriage, has lots of enemies.


Against the introduction of this law are as heterosexual couples, and representatives of sexual minorities who can face several problems in case of its approval of the ruling party.

For entry into sexual relations before marriage policy required to impose a sentence of imprisonment for a term of five years, while it will also apply to married couples who cheat on their partners.

Despite the mass disapproval of the bill, politicians of Indonesia are confident that he will help attract to their side of the electorate in the face of Orthodox Muslims. Employees of the Ministry of health has supported this initiative by offering to recognize homosexuality is a mental disorder.