“Fix” or “Keeper of the innocents”: the people’s свята16 Feb 2018

Techno 15 February, 2018

2018-02-15 21:58

“Fix” or “Keeper of the innocents”: the people’s свята16 Feb 2018
Another name of the holiday – “Keeper of the innocents”. On this day it was customary to refer to Holy Simeon and Anna with a prayer for the health of newborns.

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Folk festival “Fix” is celebrated on the 16th of February (old style – 3 February), the day after Candlemas.

In the Church calendar is the feast day of the Holy Simeon the God-receiver and Anna the Prophetess. Other names of the holiday: “Simeon and Anna”, “Simon Bogopriimets”, “Keeper of the innocents”.

Among the southern Slavs the first three days of February (Trifonov day, Candlemas, Repair) was considered the border between winter and spring.

The word “Mending” was born out of a custom to start training horse harness – sled and arable.

This day honored two saints who took the infant Jesus in the temple on the 40th day from his birth, Anna and Simeon.

Bogopriimets Simeon – a pious righteous scholar who lived in Jerusalem. When he was translating the book of the prophet Isaiah, he questioned the words “the virgin shall conceive and bear a son.” And then to Simeon, an angel appeared and promised that the elder will not die as long as your own eyes will not see the child, born of the Virgin Mary. And so it happened. In the temple at that time was Anna, a godly widow, who learned about the birth of the Savior, who praised him.

With the tradition connected another name for the holiday is the Guardian of infants. On this day it was customary to refer to Holy Simeon and Anna with a prayer for the health of newborns. February 16, said: “Simeon and Anna harness repair”.

Famous proverb “Prepare sledge in the summer, and the cart – in winter” also applies to repairs. As a rule, with the first rays of the sun, stood up to Fix the peasants and set to work. The roles of all family members during this holiday has been determined in advance and each was taken as entrusted to him. Repair of harness and other horse harness battered elderly.

To Fix cooked a special dish – Salamat. The so-called flour porridge or pudding of flour from rye, barley or wheat fried flour, boiled water and steamed in the oven sometimes with the addition of fat, oil or fat. The word “Salamat” was borrowed by Russian from the Turkic languages. Solomate cooked to liquid jelly. The Eastern Slavs used everywhere.

The night after the meeting (on February 16) was made to pacify the house. There is a belief that if somehow the house who lives in any decent house, dissatisfied with something, he can in the night “ride horse”. Below the house is not spoiled until the owners are repairing the harness of the horse on the neck was tied a whip, gauntlets and leggings: the house of the owner took the horse is not touched. But don’t even have a horse advised in advance to satisfy the brownie and put after dinner a pot of porridge or any other food. At midnight, the house usually comes out of the oven and having dinner.

In the old days specifically to pacify the brownie was even called the witch doctor, who cut the yard cock and releasing blood on the broom, obmtool all corners in the house and in the yard. After that, it was possible not to be afraid of a house.

If it is NOT curbed, “he turns into a kind spirited”. “It’s all in the yard and in the house goes wrong, things will not be, people and animals are often sick.” The house has long kept the peace at home and could afford to be naughty only to myself. A house that is considered the real owner of the house. According to popular belief, the house was hiding under a broom, so it was customary when moving into a new house bring an old broom.