Flight of fentanyl in a pharmacy Gatineau

News 23 January, 2018

    QMI agency

    Tuesday, 23 January, 2018 04:09

    Tuesday, 23 January, 2018 04:09

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    GATINEAU – police in Gatineau investigation on a theft of fentanyl occurred in a pharmacy in the Hull sector of Gatineau.

    The event occurred in a pharmacy located on boulevard St-Joseph, in the middle of the day last Saturday. Around 12: 30 a.m., it is the alarm to report a robbery, who had warned the police.

    According to the testimonies obtained by the police Department of the City of Gatineau (SPVG), a woman attended to the domestic trade, demanding that we give him the fentanyl and threatening employees.

    After that the staff has complied, the suspect fled on foot before the police arrived.

    No one was injured. We do not know the amount of fentanyl that has been stolen.

    The SPVG is looking for a woman aged around 30 years. It measures 1,78 m (5 ft, 10 inches) and speaks French and English.

    This is the second robbery of fentanyl in Gatineau. In fact, last January 11, a flight similar has also taken place: “In both cases, the investigation continues,” said the SPVG in a statement released Monday.

    The police request anyone with information regarding these events contact the info line of the SPVG, by calling 819 243-INFO (4636), option 5.