Flood management: the cities are disappointed by the department of public Safety

News 19 March, 2018

    Emilie Valley

    Monday, 19 march, 2018 21:40

    Monday, 19 march, 2018 21:42

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    A survey conducted by the national School of public administration from 134 municipalities suggests that the ministry of public Security of Quebec has mismanaged the record floods in the spring last year.

    According to survey data, the towns allege that the department with its lack of follow-up, staffing and communication. Some municipalities go so far as to say that the interventions were not tailored to the situation.

    “Everyone has worked well except the ministry. It is a failure of the department to have managed the crisis”, has launched the mp caquiste Mirabel, Sylvie D’amours.

    The CAQ even goes so far as to ask for an apology. “It’s a lack of leadership on the part of the minister, and I expect it to be an apology to the citizens,” claimed the mp.

    But the mayors are not all of the same opinion, some being quite satisfied with the work of the department of public Safety. “I do not pull stones to anybody”, said the mayor of the Louiseville, Yvon Deshaies. His colleague Nicolet goes further. “We are very satisfied. They have been present, to watch, to listen,” said Geneviève Dubois.

    Moreover, the survey reveals that 75 % of the municipalities have not really reviewed their emergency plan in the aftermath of the floods. The minister of public Safety, Martin Coiteux, has requested that municipalities that do not have any plan to remedy the situation over the next 18 months.