Flooding: a score of cars frozen in the ice in Nova Scotia

News 4 February, 2018
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    QMI agency

    Sunday 4 February 2018 17:05

    Sunday 4 February 2018 17:05

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    ANTIGONISH, N.-É. | A score of cars were trapped in the ice after a flash flood occurred in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

    During the night of Friday to Saturday, a flood has taken by surprise the small municipality. Twenty cars were left encircled water that has quickly frozen.

    “It happened like a freight train – all this water that came from nowhere. I put on my boots as quickly as possible and I tried to go get [my truck], but it was already too late,” told CTV News Pete Norman, whose vehicle was submerged.

    “There was a lot of water, with the slush and the ice,” added Felipe Gougeon, who was able to retrieve his car, even if it has been damaged by the flood.

    The City has indicated that they have the intention to continue the work of cleaning and de-icing Monday. It also prohibits access to the parking lot, since she fears that a second flood occurs, due to the passage of a storm that could leave up to 60 mm of rain, according to Environment Canada.