Floods in Quebec: the sale of their home falls in the water

News 16 January, 2018
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    Tuesday, January 16, 2018 21:20

    Tuesday, January 16, 2018 21:23

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    A retired couple who had sold his house to move in condo has seen his plans fall to the water as a result of the flooding that occurred at the end of the week in the neighbourhood of the DuBerger-Les Saules, Quebec.

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    The couple found the owner of two residences after the buyer of their house had decided to cancel the sale because the water had entered the residence and caused damage.

    Pierre Paradis, real estate broker at RE/MAX Capital, said at the show “Denis Lévesque” that the offer to purchase the couple for the condo had also been accepted. In fact, it was more that the financing conditions to adjust.

    “It’s probably going to be okay. We will probably cancel the sale of the condo”, he said.

    “If the buyer of the house on [street] Saint-Léandre does not buy, you are going to be forced to make a change, and to cancel the purchase offer on the condo”, said Mr. Paradis, stating that its customers will not have to pay penalties.

    Even if the eventual purchaser of the home the couple had already signed the offer to purchase and the loan was even approved – at a time when the river was acting up and damaged it, a clause in the contract allows him all the same back.

    Cancel the purchase

    “The clause in our offer to purchase says that when one buys a property, it must be return to us [in the state] that when we visited her. Then, it is no longer as in time, it could therefore make a change, and cancel purchase”, has detailed the real estate broker.

    As for the retired, it is a conscientious landowner who took very good care of his or her residence, has told to Pierre Paradis. He had even won in the past an award from the City of Quebec for the quality of its maintenance.

    “The couple now wanted a change of life: the condo, with garage inside, the big peace on the seventh floor, the view over the city, and that was their happiness,” he continued.

    While the house was not in a flood zone, in 1981, this time, it “is directly into it,” said the real estate broker. And if the City conducts a zoning change, in order to include it in the area called a floodplain, the value of the home will decline certainly in a significant way.

    “When it is zoned floodplain, it is the funding which is difficult, said Mr. Paradise. It takes practically pay cash!”

    The couple currently remains in his house and tries to evacuate any water that has accumulated in the basement. It can luckily count on the help of their friends in this arduous task.

    And their morale? “It has improved. They will have the help of the City, which has held two meetings and that should help them to overcome their grief. At that age, you can’t be worse than that,” said Mr. Paradise.