Folk omens: what to bite my tongue at various days of the week

Techno 7 March, 2018

2018-03-07 11:18

Folk omens: what to bite my tongue at various days of the week
What it means to bite my tongue on days of the week? Read more about the importance of the omens, and all the details read our article.

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Biting my tongue: a sign whose value is different in different days of the week

Such a small event as bite the tongue, according to popular belief is a sign, which carries mostly a negative value. Most often it carries the literal meaning and warns about the “evil tongues.”


People sign to bite my tongue on the first working day of the week, it is a warning that Yaik should keep shut. There is a risk accidentally, without malice, to tell a secret. It will affect your reputation as a reliable and serious person.

Another interpretation suggests a serious conversation with the person higher in rank and extra careless words spoken during such meetings will be very costly.

Other interpretations of this omen portends a meeting with an old acquaintance and it will be filled with conversations and memories of the past. It is likely that such a friendly meeting over the fact that one will offer you a new job or will lend you a hand.

On Tuesday

If such trouble happened on Tuesday, it means that this is payback for making a careless remark in the address of a friend. Perhaps you have offended someone. You need to try to remember the name of that person, and the pain from the bite will take place immediately.

Also, this sign promises quarrels and scandals at work or at home. Other interpretation of the signs say about the forthcoming visit nasty person, and it will bring a lot of worries and concerns. It also means that you can become a victim of slander or gossip.


Bit your tongue that day? Should prepare for a long fruitless conversation. It will be a waste of time. You should be careful in conversations with people and not to respond to insults, it can cause a scandal that will affect your reputation.
Another interpretation of portend become victim of dirty rumors and gossip. It also heralds the meeting, which will be fleeting, but will be remembered for a long time, but it will be pleasant or not – depends on which side you bit my tongue. If left, the meeting will be unpleasant, and the right – Vice versa.


Bite the tongue on Thursday, according to the signs portend the reception a joyous occasion. Also, this sign promises an important conversation that will have a good result. It can be an interview or negotiation.

Other interpretations of the omens predicting public statement and warn against an unfortunate clause, it is necessary to carefully prepare it.

Also, this sign heralds a conversation with the leadership and it will end to a promotion or salary raise.

On Friday

To bite my tongue on the last working day of the week – a bad omen. It promises turbulent times, have a rest soon. Probable losses, empty hassle and wasted costs. Also such a sign foretells unpleasant encounters and conversations.

Other interpretations of the promise of numerous disassembly and fights with neighbors or colleagues. It can also be a warning that we should not strive for a quick profit, all money not to earn.

On Saturday

If on Saturday my tongue is a bad omen. It means that against you is a real fight back.

Your enemies will not hesitate in means to take your place. Even a sign warns against taking a hasty decision, otherwise it could lead to big losses and damages. All these troubles can be avoided if you keep your emotions under control and your mouth shut.

Other interpretations appeal to refuse lucrative offers, with business partners or friendly sellers may be scammers.


On the last day of the week to bite the tongue really bad. This omen portends trouble at work and at home, possible breakage of home appliances, which will cause unexpected expenses. If you have the opportunity to cancel the trip, better give up, the trip will be very unpleasant and unhelpful.

You should also pay attention to the immediate environment at work, among colleagues may be hiding the person who is plotting against you is bad.