Food Sovereignty: Steven Blaney sets the record straight

News 17 November, 2016

steven-blaneySteven Blaney, candidate running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, it is false to claim that we witness a drop in milk prices with the abandonment of Canadian marketing model. “The Liberal inaction must be denounced.”

While in Sainte-Marie, this Thursday, November 16, where he grew up, Steven Blaney stated: “Countries that have liberalized dairy sector have skyrocketed prices. The Australian experience demonstrates with a 39% increase in prices. “This was not conclusive to Britain or New Zealand, insists the member for Bellechasse-Les-Etchemin Lévis.

For the latter: “The present government is showing weakness. We see it with the diafiltered milk. It is a way to circumvent the supply management. ”

Mr. Blaney that does not defend the same line of thought that Maxime Bernier, goes on to say; “We have a system that works with affordable prices and quality. We must preserve our food sovereignty. “He added that agriculture is a key sector, especially in Chaudière-Appalaches. “We should not create a social and economic disaster for rural areas of the country.”

At the press conference, Mr. Blaney meant that the model of supply management matters has prevented uncontrolled inflation and it would be inappropriate to risk the benefit of international cartels. He insisted that we should not turn our backs on families who feed Quebec and maintain trust with consumers. “Why change a winning combination”? He says.