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Avto 2 October, 2017
  • Photo courtesy Nissan
    By its large dimensions
    and its spacious interior and large,
    the Nissan Pathfinder is a
    family vehicle
    by excellence.

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    Sunday, 1 October 2017 20:36

    Sunday, 1 October 2017 20:36

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    The utility seven-seater Nissan Pathfinder is for a customer who is looking for a vehicle comprising generous interior space, towing capacity important and an allocation to the taste of the day.

    In the automotive market, the name Pathfinder is very familiar. It identifies a truck that Nissan offers to canadian motorists for 30 years already ! Four generations of this utility have been going on since 1987 and, although it has never been the most popular model in its time, the Pathfinder has always been able to draw its pin from the game to maintain at least a middle of the pack.

    It is today an alternative to fifteen utilities, mid-size, seven-passenger seating in a niche dominated, in Canada at least, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Ford Explorer and the Kia Sorento (in order).

    Launched in June 2016, the Pathfinder 2017 is an update of the model of the fourth generation, the origins of which date back to the fall of 2012. The manufacturer has therefore chosen not to radically transform this vehicle, but rather to refine. It has, therefore, touched lightly the aesthetic of its bodywork, with new front and rear fascias, a redesigned hood and a grille featuring the molding with the chrome U-shaped feature products Nissan contemporaries.

    Its important dimensions are, naturally, remained relatively unchanged. It is when one is at the wheel of the Pathfinder, we see how it is big. Park this truck, which is more than 5 m, in an underground garage where parking spaces have been provided for the Smart Fortwo can be a challenge (as if all the world was driving a cart like that !). Fortunately, our test vehicle had a system of visualization of the perimeter (multi-camera) coupled with a set of detectors of obstacles, fixed and moving, and traffic back transverse. Gadgets that contribute to simplify the work of the driver in an environment that is also binding.

    Photo courtesy Nissan

    The dashboard of the Pathfinder is encased
    switches. The look is modern, but the quality of materials a bit of a letdown.



    These devices help to conduct are part of the endowment of the Pathfinder SL we drove, versions Edition Midnight and Platinum, but not of the versions, S and SV, which are the most affordable of the range. It is still a time where you have to pay more to benefit from a passive and active safety increasing, for Nissan, as with any other constructor, for that matter.

    The Pathfinder SL sharing, moreover, the alloy wheels 18-inch two cheaper versions. This size of rims makes the purchase of winter tires that are less expensive compared to 20 ” wheels, very elegant, of the versions Platinum and Midnight. Large wheels with tyres more farms will require a capital much less pleasant. Because with the 18-inch wheels, the ride is at the rendezvous, a benefit for this vehicle the rear suspension is sometimes a bit capricious, stealing away sometimes on bumpy roads. A clear indication that it is a bigger vehicle, family-oriented and not a sport model.

    The cabin, which has seven spaces, we are also reminded. The front seats and the bench seat central are comfortable and suitable for adults, although headroom in the centre is a bit limited for tall people. As for the rear seat two-seater, it is clearly designed for young children. It nevertheless makes this utility even more useful if your family is involved in the activities of your scout group local ! Of course, this back seat reduces the useful volume of the trunk when it is in place. That said, with 453 L of useful volume, a volume equivalent to that of the trunk of a Nissan Altima, which is 436 L. By endowing this space with a fence of security, therefore it could efficiently serve niche mobile for the canine friend of the family. By the way, just fold the folders 50/50 of the rear seat and the folders 60/40 split seat central to have a large safety deposit box 2260 L. The space that one discovers while made up to 2 m long and 1.2 m wide. So it is big enough to drop a bike flat or the multitude of boxes and luggage that moves with your university sweetheart, moved to the residence of his campus.

    To facilitate the loading of the parcels in the trunk, the manufacturer has even included a power tailgate with opening activated by the movement among the standard equipment of all versions, except the Pathfinder’s entry-level range.

    The interior is elegant, but the materials used, their texture is very rigid, does not suggest the high quality promised by the manufacturer. In addition, it is necessary to at least turn to the SV to have a staffing really attractive, including, for example, heated front seats, rear sonar, and power windows before opening and closing one-touch.

    Photo courtesy Nissan

    A power tailgate with opening activated by the movement is part of the standard equipment of all versions, except the Pathfinder S.



    This update has given the Pathfinder 2017, a more powerful engine. This V6 3.5 L, which has been replaced by the sequential injection multipoint injection system direct, book now 284 hp and 259 lb-ft of torque, which is 24 horsepower and 19 lb-ft more. Boasting a curve of acceleration more linear, this engine gives better times. In addition, the transmission cvt, which transmits its power to the drive wheels is found to be more flexible than before.

    The manufacturer mentions a reduction of the fuel consumption. Based on figures published by natural Resources Canada, this improvement would amount to a meagre 2 %. Anyway, our test vehicle, which had four-wheel-drive gave us an average consumption of 11 L/100 km, which is comparable to that of vehicles rivals in its class.

    All-wheel drive, which snaps into place using a rotary control located on the center console, figure among the standard specification of all versions, except the Pathfinder entry to which it adds $ 3000 to the base price. It has an automatic mode, which transmits the torque to the rear wheels when loss of grip is detected at the level of the front axle. In addition, a Lock mode (lockable) allows you to maintain an equal distribution of the torque when necessary.

    Lovers of leisure activities that require the transportation of a toy large on a trailer axle doubles will be pleased to learn that the towing capacity of this utility, Nissan has increased significantly. From 2268 to 2722 kg (5000 to 6000 lbs), this rating puts the new Pathfinder at the top of its class in this chapter.

    Happy 30th anniversary !

    Photo courtesy Nissan

    Nissan Pathfinder
    Platinum edition Midnight 2017.


    To celebrate 30 years of existence of the Pathfinder, Nissan has added, earlier this year, a fifth variant to the range of this utility called Pathfinder edition Midnight.

    This variant is a complement to the Platinum version, which is distinguished from it by a few shades. First, it comes in four colors : gray powder with metallic, magnetic black, blue, caspian, and white mother-of-pearl, while the interior is trimmed with a leather charcoal color.

    We will also edition Midnight its wheels exclusive 20-inch aluminum-alloy black, the spoiler and its set of rear-view mirror black. On the wings and on the tailgate, it is also noticed patches original whose design incorporates a stylized maple leaf ! The interior features sill plates door lit and the lighting inside to LED. Finally, the rear bumper has a protective topping chrome.

    “As a pioneer of the niche SUV, the Nissan Pathfinder has a remarkable heritage with its 30 years of presence in Canada. This special edition combines a more aggressive appearance and raises the bar even the Platinum version by adding touches of style intended to make it a favorite among our canadian customers, ” says Tomoyuki Matsumoto, senior manager, Marketing, Nissan Canada.

    Nissan Pathfinder

    Base price

    32 598 $ (S 2WD); 35 598 $ (S 4WD); 38 298 $ (SV); 41 598 $ (SL); 48 598 $ (Edition Midnight); 48 598 $ (Platinum).

    Transport and preparation

    1795 $


    V6 DOHC, 3.5 L, 284 hp at 6400 rpm, 259 lb-ft at 4800 rpm.

    Automatic gearbox with continuous variation. Front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.


    Four-wheel independent Suspension. Disc brakes to all four wheels. Anti-lock braking system series. Tires : P235/65R18 (S, SV and SL); P235/55R20 (Edition Midnight and Platinum).


    Wheelbase : 2900 mm; length : 5042 mm; width : 1960 mm; height : 1768-1783 mm.

    Weight : 1945-2103 kg.

    Tank capacity : 74 litres.

    Trunk Volume : 453-2260 L. average Consumption (test) : 11,0 L/100 km.


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    • Spacious and comfortable interior
    • Great towing capacity
    • Smooth ride (tires, 18-inch)

    Weak Points

    • Vehicle bulky
    • Lack of adjustment for the front passenger seat
    • Rear Suspension could be better