How quick is the process of buying a car?

Avto 29 April, 2021

Buying a new car, like many new purchases you make, can be an exciting prospect. Being able to get into the driving seat and experience all the new features you’ve been wanting feels fantastic.

There are plenty of things that need to be done first, and the time between starting your search and getting your new car can take a while if you’re not prepared. Understanding the car buying process, where things can take time and how you can speed this up will have you setting off in no time.

Shopping for a new car

Finding your ideal car

This is probably the most exciting part and the first step in the process – figuring out which new car to buy. Set out what essential criteria your new car needs to meet and start searching.

If you’re including this in how long it takes to buy a car, then it’s really up to the buyer. Some people take months to decide on a car, while others can find their perfect match in a day.

Getting your finances in order

After you’ve got an idea of what car you’d like, you need to make sure your finances for buying a car match up with the rough amount they typically sell for.

If you’re looking at a car that’s outside of your current budget, you’ll need to wait and save until you can afford it. There are car leasing options you can discuss with dealerships, but you have to be sure it’s the right option for you.

Negotiating a price

Some people will skip this step, but if getting the best price is important to you then you will likely want to shop around.

There are car dealerships all over the UK, from Ford dealerships in Wales to Kia dealers in Northern Ireland – make sure to check a couple before settling, or you could be missing out on a better deal.

It can add a day or two onto the car buying process, but the outcome an be that you negotiate a better price on your new car and save a significant amount.

Buying a car

Once you’ve taken care of all the preamble, found your ideal car and are ready to make a purchase, the actual buying process is relatively straightforward.

If you’ve got your financing sorted out and come equipped with the correct paperwork, you can typically purchase a car from a dealership in roughly 2-3 hours.

Arriving at a dealership with more questions that require answering will add to the time it will take, which can leave you sitting around for quite a while. With nothing organised or agreed in advance, such as negotiating on price, this process could be closer to 6 hours in total.

Plus, if you’re still deciding whether to lease your new car or use your savings when you arrive at the dealership, you might have to make a lengthy decision then and there.

Can I make the car buying process go faster?

By knowing exactly what you want from a dealership and sorting out all your finances in advance, you’ll save a significant portion of time.

Any decisions made in advance will help you to communicate effectively with a sales representative at a dealership, cutting down the number of questions that need answering.

It’s also important to consider whether it’s better for the process go as quickly as possible. Rushing into a car sale could leave you dissatisfied later down the road if you didn’t think everything through, or in a more difficult financial situation if you overstretched your budget. Carefully consider your options and make sure to go at a pace that suits you.