Staying focused on the road and avoiding accidents

Avto 22 September, 2020

Car crashes can be life-changing experiences. Highly affecting, they can leave people feeling emotionally and physically vulnerable and cause an unsuspected drain on their finances. A rise in insurance premiums, the length of time it takes to settle a car accident claim, time off work and repair costs on the vehicle are just some of the hidden costs of car crashes. Crashes cannot always be explained as even the most careful, considerate drivers can find themselves caught up in a crash. Nonetheless, there are some ways to ensure that a person is at their best when driving, to minimise the risk of crashes, at least to a degree.


Keep hydrated and replenished


It’s very important to keep hydrated and replenished throughout the day. Failing to take in enough liquids is a seriously under appreciated problem. Not drinking enough water can result in seriously diminished concentration, a lack of focus, distracting headaches and even serious migraines. Driving home from work on a hot day without having enough water is a sure fire way to run into problems. It can be very useful to keep a bottle of water in the trunk of the car, just in case there is ever a need for rehydration.


Driving glasses


Perhaps you’re not driving home with the top down on a 70’s Cadillac, the sun beating down on the open road as you cruise towards your destination, but you don’t have to be Vegas-bound or going to a music festival to put on a pair of driving shades. Driving sunglasses can avoid the nasty glare that can come off of the road on a hot day, or the glints or light reflected in a shop window. It might sound trivial but it’s a more common problem than you might expect! Numerous accidents are the result of sudden vision issues. Keeping a pair of driving glasses in the car ensures that a vehicle owner always has the option to put them on if they need to.


Avoiding road rage


It’s easy to get worked up when driving, especially when there’s traffic. Other road users aren’t always as considerate as we would like them to be, and it can be frustrating to see bad manners or outright flouting of the rules of the road. Getting cut off when in a rush, or not being given the correct right of way can be an absolute nightmare. Nonetheless, it’s important to try and keep a cool head and not to let other people’s inconsiderate manoeuvres ruin our journey. Many crashes are the result of lapses in judgement as a result of annoyance at other road users. It’s easier said than done, but it’s important to try and ignore others bad practice and try to focus on the road as much as possible. Road rage is sometimes inevitable, but it’s a part of driving we all need to try and avoid! Always attempt to keep your cool.