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Disappeared 25 years ago, Michel Berger leaves behind albums unique and songs that are timeless that still roam the veins of the French variety. He has not had the time to offer to his last girlfriend a disk full of promises.

The women in his life have been of the muses. Of her romance with Veronique Sanson, his marriage with France Gall, Michel Berger has been strongly inspired by love in all its forms. A last intimate relationship has long been kept secret and the name of Beatrice Grimm came to resonate at the same time that a project that never saw the light of day. The author-composer-performer was, in fact, intend to write songs to how he had fallen in love shortly before his death.

Then that France Gall had done everything to seduce Michel Berger, the two lovebirds married in 1976 formed the couple with the most iconic of French music. However, towards the end of his life, the pianist would have had the intention of leaving his wife and from the United States with Beatrice Grimm to settle in Santa Monica. Michel Berger dreamed a priori to design an album entirely dedicated to his new companion. As says Yves Bigot in his book something in us, Michel Berger, the disc would have had a tone more rock than the previous ones.

Died August 02, 1992, Michel Berger, will not have had time to implement this promising project. Convinced that life would leave very early, the musician would no doubt have liked to offer this gift to the manikin in German, as he had been able to do before with the album Love for Véronique Sanson 1972, and for France Gall for 20 years.


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