For sex in his room and the girl was punished big sister In the World : Vladim

News 24 January, 2018

One of the girls in his microblog told about a rather extraordinary method of revenge on her younger sister. With notes and instructions angry girl scolded her older sister for having sex in her favorite room.


In micro-blogging network Twitter an American living in new York, told the General public about the questionable behavior of her younger sisters. According to the girl, once again, when she’s in the room were engaged in amorous pleasures with her boyfriend, they accidentally walked in on her younger sister. She was extremely outraged by such behavior of her older sister, especially because they made love in the room where he lay her favorite cookies.

In response to this unprecedented behavior of his sister 11-year-old girl pasted the whole house notes with mysterious messages. On stickers the girl wrote about the fact that they are sinners, that they need to repent and apologize to Jesus, which is very amused girl who decided to tell about the incident to the wider public.