For the well-being of their children, Luc Besson refuses to invite his friends to Hollywood stars to the aperitif – Gala

Entertainment, Techno 13 July, 2017


The director of Valerian has lifted a little the veil on his family life in Los Angeles, among the largest hollywood stars. He explained that he did everything to give her children an education as normal as possible, by prohibiting, for example, to invite his friends from the world of cinema at home.

Luc Besson is undoubtedly one of the French directors of the most famous in the world. He has toured with the biggest names in hollywood : Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovitch, Morgan Freeman, John Travolta, Scarlett Johansson… Many famous comedians, talented, and fawned beyond the borders. But for the creator of Lucy, you can’t invite everybody to the house. It comes to explain why.


In full promotion for his latest blockbuster, Valerian, which will be out in the halls French on 26 July, Luc Besson has entrusted a few snippets of his family life to the magazine GQ. A surprise, when one knows at what point he is discreet about his private life, and reluctant to express themselves in the press. It is so very stealthily that he referred to his everyday life in Los Angeles, with his wife and three children, Thalia, Sateen and Mao.


The director said that he wanted at any price that her offspring keep the feet on the ground. According to him, co-mingle them from a young age to the whole dish hollywood during the evenings would keep it simple. That is why he has decided to strictly separate professional life and family life. And he strives to raise his offspring like everyone else. ” At home, I always say that there are those who have bread and those who make films, was entrusted to Luc Besson to GQ. But there is not a job that is better than the other. “ A wonderful lesson of humility…

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