For their dinner at the Eiffel Tower, Emmanuel Macron, has chosen the menu with raw lobster… and it does not please Donald Trump – Gala

Entertainment, Techno 13 July, 2017


This Thursday 13 July, Emmanuel Macron, and Donald Trump share a dinner with their wives at the Jules Verne, the restaurant headed by Alain Ducasse, located on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. On the menu, the lobster raw ! A puts it away to be in the habits of the american president most amateur fast-food.

Donald Trump and the lobster, a love story that never happened and will never happen ; but Emmanuel Macron has placed at the head of the presentations. It is as well that the Elysee has approved the menu consisting of caviar, lobster raw or even great wine, suggested by Jules Verne ; restaurant perched 125 meters from the ground to the second floor of the iron lady, where the two heads of State dinner this Thursday evening with their wives.


Dishes great qualities that, for the american magazine Newsweek, under the “challenge ” gourmet ” to the tenant of the White House ; the former real estate magnate who would, according to the media, almost exclusively fed fast food at all during the presidential campaign. “As he had not wanted to submit to the tactics of a tightening of the hands of Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron will not surrender to the plan of steak and fast-food Trump “, explained the journalist Chris Crowley, cited for Release this Thursday 13 July.


A dinner of friends ” in the words of Emmanuel Macron, during which the u.s. president could, however, not to do that to his head and demanded that he serve the steak with ketchup, as he had done during his recent trip to Saudi Arabia, then that was planned a menu consisting of local cuisine. By comparison, prince Charles had made use of a camel roasted whole, to his arrival in the kingdom.


A love of steak that has even pushed him to create his own brand, Trump Steaks , of course. A mark that he had promoted in an advertisement, broadcast in 2007 and in which it defined its steaks as ” the best in the world “. Enjoy (or not) by the consultant below.

Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump

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