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The island of Beauty is also always considered. According to an information BFMTV, a majority of the government of Edouard Philippe chose Corsica as a destination for their summer vacation.

From the August 9, the bell that rings out the time of vacation will be given to the ministers of the government of Edouard Philippe. They have been instructed to not to choose a place not too far away from metropolitan France : “The ministers who wish to be absent during this period will need to choose a destination, allowing them to be able to quickly reach their ministry “.

A recommendation is well-considered because a good number of ministers has chosen the Corsica to gild the pill. According to BFMTV, Agnès Buzyn as Benjamin Griveaux (State secretary to the minister of Economy and Finance) and Brune Poirson (State secretary to the minister of the ecological Transition and supportive) have ruled on the island of Beauty as the foot-to-earth summer. Marlène Schiappa (secretary of State in charge of Equality between women and men), under-voltage after the controversy that’s involved in writing a book erotic, makes also for rest.

Nicolas Hulot (minister of the ecological Transition, and solidarity) will share his three weeks of vacation between her home in brittany, Saint-Lunaire and the corsican maquis. Other regions were chosen by members of the government such as the Var, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the Basque Country or the Loir-et-Cher. Edouard Philippe, a fan of boxing, will put the gloves aside for a visit to friends in the South-East and South-West.

Photo credit : Abd Rabbo Ammar-POOL/SIPA

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