Forest fires: state of emergency extended in British Columbia

News 19 August, 2017
  • QMI agency

    Saturday, 19 August 2017 12:25

    Saturday, 19 August 2017 12:25

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    VICTORIA | In force since more than a month, the state of emergency in British Columbia has been extended until the 1st September due to forest fires.

    The ministry of public Security has decided to maintain the state of emergency for a third time. Decreed the 7th of July last, it has been extended to the 19 July and 4 August. The measure provides resources to federal, provincial and local levels to intervene to combat forest fires that have been plaguing the last several weeks.

    On Saturday, the prime minister of the province, John Horgan, has assured the victims of the continuing financial support of the State, at the rate of $ 600 per family, renewed every 14 days until people go back to the house. The small companies affected are also entitled to a grant of $ 1500 offered by the Red Cross.

    “Our top priority is a strong response and coordinated action to combat the forest fires. Of evacuees, emergency responders, firefighters, and volunteers, know that British Columbians are with you”, said the prime minister, John Horgan, in a press release.

    Nearly 140 fires are still raging in the province and 27 evacuation orders affecting about 4400 people, while 40 alerts for evacuation are in effect for 20 700 inhabitants.

    This week, British Columbia has officially beaten a historical record, and nearly 900 000 hectares of land have burned out on its territory since the 1st of April.

    At the height of the crisis, in mid-July, approximately 45 000 people had to flee their homes.