Four overdoses of fentanyl, to the penitentiary in Donnacona

News 13 July, 2017
  • Nicolas Lachance

    Friday, 14 July 2017 00:00

    Friday, 14 July 2017 00:00

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    At least four detainees have been victims of overdose to fentanyl at the detention centre in Donnacona in the last week, learned The Newspaper.

    This scourge affects all the penitentiaries in Quebec.

    Since last week, no fewer than four inmates suffered non-fatal overdose of fentanyl in an area of the prison.

    “Actually, it was a problem of overdose in the last days,” admitted Stéphane Jaillet, deputy director, management services Donnacona penitentiary.

    The authorities do not have ” any kind of idea how this drug, which is the family of opioids, such as heroin, has been able to penetrate into the interior of the walls of the institution federal.

    “Unfortunately. If we knew… we would fill it, should be Mr. Jaillet. “We have been digging repetitive in areas where it is produced. “

    Sector issue

    Also, the area where the overdose took place was already closed due to a fight that had escalated between inmates last week.

    The Newspaper reported Tuesday that a quarantine of inmates remained isolated in a cell for three days as a result of this altercation.

    “The fentanyl, it is already difficult to detect, and it does not necessarily take much to create a problem of drug overdose,” notes the director.

    It does concern not for the life of the prisoners. They already have all gone back to their cell. “Everyone is back in good health and without sequelae,” says Mr. Jaillet.

    Everywhere the same

    According to our information, all the federal penitentiaries in the province are struggling with an increased presence of fentanyl.

    “It is certain that the fentanyl is of great concern,” says Manon Simard, spokesperson, regional to federal penitentiaries in Quebec.

    She has not been able to quantify the number of deaths in other institutions.

    No new measures are put in place to counter this wave.

    “In all institutions, for all kinds of drugs, it is the same thing. These are excavations that are put in place. It is our policy to combat smuggling and everything is put in place. “