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Entertainment, Techno 17 July, 2017


This Monday, July 17, took place the funeral of Ludovic Chancel, in the greatest intimacy. His family was gathered around her mother, Sheila.

Sheila has it all organized – maybe also to be sure and certain that only the closest would be present. This Monday, July 17, took place the funeral of Ludovic Chancel, his son passed away too soon after, a priori, to a medication overdose accidental. A week ago, he died after having spent two days in the coma, with at his side his mother, his fiancée Sylvie Ortega Munos, and his constant companion and lover, Lucien.


Since the death of Ludovic Chancel Sheila is sparsely expressed. The singer prefers to do her mourning in private, away from the attention of journalists and fans. The story of her son’s passion, the cocktail of drugs and ill-being questions : at the announcement of his death, many believe it was a suicide. Family and friends belie in the newspapers, not to soil the memory of Ludovic Chancel, for that it rests in peace, finally, he who was so upset when he was alive.


The father of the deceased was present at the funeral ? Mute since the death of his son, Ringo is apparently not appeared for the ceremony. The gap between the two men was immense, unfathomable, violent : their last meeting had left a bitter memory but liberating to Ludovic Chancel.

Ludovic Chancel

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