Further increase in the price of gasoline in the greater Montreal area

News 20 March, 2018
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    QMI agency

    Tuesday, march 20, 2018 07:09

    Tuesday, march 20, 2018 07:13

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    The price of a litre of gasoline has once again jumped Tuesday morning in the greater Montreal area.

    On Monday, a litre was sold at 1.24 $ in Montreal. Tuesday morning, we reached 1.37 trillion $ in most of the service stations, so 13 cents more.

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    According to CAA Quebec, the realistic price of a gallon of regular gas is $1.33.

    For some time, the price of a litre of gasoline increases significantly and systematically on the Tuesday morning, and then falls gradually in the course of the week. The experts explain unclear why this increase occurs consistently this day.