Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois take nothing for granted

News 18 March, 2018

    QMI agency

    Sunday, march 18, 2018 17:23

    Sunday, march 18, 2018 17:23

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    Invested without opposition as the candidate for Québec solidaire in the district of montreal to Gouin Sunday, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois does not believe that his re-election as member of provincial parliament is in the pocket.

    “For Québec solidaire, the castles do not exist. I do not take anything for granted. I’ll be on the field throughout the campaign to defend the project of society of Québec solidaire”, was mentioned by the press who will be chief organizer of the election campaign of her training for the general elections of October next.

    Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois has been elected as the mna for Gouin in may of last year and went on to become a spokesperson of Québec solidaire in the wake of the retirement of Françoise David, who had delighted the riding for the Parti québécois in 2012.

    The PQ had not presented a candidate against him during the by-election in Gouin last year, and this will not be the case at the next election. It is Olivier Gignac who has been chosen by the PQ to try to dislodge the former student leader.