Galaxy Note 9: A new generation processor for the next Samsung phablette!

Techno 26 June, 2017

The Galaxy Note 9 probably will not have the same processor as the Galaxy S9 … Yes! The phablette will afford a new generation Exynos processor engraved in 7 nm.
While the first glimpses of the flagship have already leaked , it seems that information about the processor of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has already reached us: its processor will be different from that of the future Galaxy S9! This will be an Exynos 7 nm processor , at a time when the Galaxy S9 it, will benefit from the Exynos 10 nm. In general, the brand used processors identical to those of its smartphone for its phablette. If this is indeed the case, the Galaxy Note 9 would make a good one-year technology!
If this year, processor burning is at 14nm FinFET, we expect 10nm etchings for Korean smartphones next year. Note 9 will therefore make this engraving obsolete before the hour with its Exynos 7nm! This little news must surely make you laugh at the time when the Galaxy Note 8 is not even presented yet … Although we finally know its date of presentation, set August 26, according to the latest news. Or, just before that of the iPhone 8 of the apple. And you, what do you think of this info?