Gaspé to Montreal by scooter

News 24 August, 2017
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    Julien Racicot began Crossing the courage to move on, a journey of 30 days of Gaspé in Montreal.

    Olivier Roy-Martin

    Wednesday, 23 August, 2017 18:29

    Wednesday, 23 August, 2017 18:32

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    A quadriplegic has launched a challenge: to cross the Quebec scooter electric. Julien Racicot began Crossing the courage to move on, a journey of 30 days of Gaspé in Montreal.

    Crossing to Rimouski on Wednesday, the veritable globe-trotter seeks to raise to $ 375,000 for people who suffer from spinal cord injuries.

    If the journey of this man from Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Montérégie, seems to be peaceful, so that it moves at about 20 km/h along the road, it fails to avoid some of the pitfalls.

    “In our VR, it was for a week does not have hot water, so we washed with cold water,” said Julien Racicot.

    “We had technical difficulties at the level of the lift to mount in the RV”, he also told.

    After a road accident, Julien Racicot was left paralyzed from the shoulders down to the toes.

    Today, it goes through Québec to the foundation’s Adapt-a roof to help hundreds of people, who, like him, were left paralyzed following spinal cord injury.

    “Given that it is a car accident that I had, I had the privilege of having the SAAQ as paying agent to adapt my home, which allowed me to have staff who palliait and addresses always have my physical disabilities.”

    After the shock of the accident, the paralyzed people were not always supportive.

    “I felt the need to give back to the next. This is my way of doing it, by making this crossing, via the foundation Adapts-Roof, to help these people, give them a little bit the same chance that I had.”

    Approximately $ 125,000 has been raised up to now.

    “It’s goal is to raise 375 000 $ to help to 25 people a bit everywhere in Quebec, in order to adapt their home, but also provide them with a budget to pay for more hours of home care service”, he said.

    If all goes as planned, Julien Racicot is expected to arrive in Montreal before mid-September. Then he will have travelled 1,200 kilometres.