Gear VR: Samsung may shake the competition with a new helmet stand alone!

Techno 22 June, 2017

Samsung plans to design a new standalone virtual reality headset that would make Playstation, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive … rage!
While Apple is launching into virtual reality with MacOS High Sierra , Samsung is moving up a gear in VR. It seems that the South Korean is currently working on a virtual reality helmet with an OLED screen and a high density of pixels and that could work without a smartphone! A rumor that would come to us from a Korean source: Naver , specialist of the industrial news. Another novelty, this new helmet will not feed on a smartphone or console, like its competitors Playstation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift … No, no. It will operate completely independently! If the Gear VR were to be connected to a smartphone, the next Samsung headset will be enough on its own!
The main asset of this helmet, one will have understood: its quality screen, which will offer a sharper image, more piqué, and that will reduce the sickness effect for fewer headaches and nausea! According to Naver, the headset will have a resolution of 2000 dpi, much more than what the competition does and much more than the current Gear VR (529 dpi) already does! Vive and Oculus have a resolution of 455 dpi per eye. For now, we have no information on its price, its release date or its complete technical sheet since it is only a rumor! We keep you informed. And if you like virtual reality, know that Bandai Namco will soon open its arcade venue in Tokyo !