General MIA Grishina was accused of three budget embezzlement

News 7 December, 2017

General of the Ministry of internal Affairs Pyotr Grishin and his Deputy, Colonel Oleg Mazur, accused of three multi-million budget embezzlement. Police and an alleged accomplice, Sergey Narutoa require to detain.


Juno Tsarev, press Secretary of the Basmanny court, reported on the progress of the case of Lieutenant-General Peter Grishin, head of the forensic center of the interior Ministry. Together with Oleg Madurai and the Director of “Atif” Sergei Narodowym he is accused of especially large fraud part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code. SK to intercede on arrest of all three defendants.

The corruption scandal in the interior Ministry began on 5 December. According to investigators, Grishin and Mazury has provided companies Narutoa state contracts, which amount was overstated by at least 80 million rubles. Fraud committed in the procurement of consumables for regional specialists in DNA examinations.

Petr Grishin has resigned. This was reported by Irina Wolf, the official representative of the interior Ministry.