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Entertainment, Techno 12 July, 2017


Geneviève de Fontenay is not really convinced by the first steps of Emmanuel Macron as the president of the Republic. However, the lady in the hat seems to be totally conquered by his wife, Brigitte.

Geneviève de Fontenay does not seem to appreciate the president of the Republic. They met for the first time at a meeting of campaign to Lyon last February. The chance was that she ended up with Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron in the same TGV. The lady in the hat was then delivered to the future president of the Republic, valuable advice. Advice that Emmanuel Macron would obviously not followed. In an interview with TvMag, the famous lady with the hat, admitted : ” We talked and I gave him advice. As to impose more big corporations, less smaller. “But after nearly two months in power, the head of State does not seem to have convinced Geneviève de Fontenay : ” I have not the impression that I have ever listened to. It seems to be more on the side of the Medef, that of precariousness. I hope that it does not have a store in the place of the heart ! “, she laments.

In the columns of the Parisian, the former chair of the committee Miss France adds a layer : ” I am disappointed; I feel it in the legs of the Medef” ja-t-it. It seems, however, that Geneviève de Fontenay is completely seduced by his wife, Brigitte Macron. The First lady, particularly popular, has caught the eye of the lady in the hat. About Brigitte Macron, she exclaims : “Brigitte is natural, it has the sense of touch and she does not fuss”. Brigitte Macron, including the look chic and understated never goes unnoticed, should enjoy these last confidence.


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