Geneviève Guilbault will be the candidate of the CAQ in Louis-Hébert

News 8 September, 2017
  • Photo By Marc-André Gagnon
    Less than twenty-four hours after ejection of Normand Sauvageau, the Coalition avenir Québec has stopped his choice on Geneviève Guilbault.

    Marc-André Gagnon

    Thursday, September 7, 2017 16:42

    Thursday, September 7, 2017 23:46

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    Less than 24 hours after the ejection of Norman Sauvageau, the Coalition Avenir Québec has stopped his choice on Genevieve Guilbault to take over, in view of the by-election held on October 2 in Louis-Hébert.

    François Legault will make the announcement this Sunday has learned our parliamentary Bureau.

    There are nine days, which has been working for eight years as spokesman for the coroner’s Office had announced, alongside François Legault, that she would be a candidate for the CAQ in the general elections of 2018, but in the riding of Charlesbourg.

    Ms. Guilbault was initially not going to stand in the by-election underway in the Louis-Hébert, even if it is resident, or in the sector of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures.

    When asked about this, François Legault had then explained that the position was already aimed at Normand Sauvageau, who started just his electoral campaign.

    Pregnant 24 weeks

    There was also, perhaps, among the reasons which had led Ms. Guilbault to wait until 2018, the fact that she is currently pregnant for 24 weeks.

    According to a source caquiste, the speed with which Mr. Legault has intervened after Mr. Sauvageau has been confronted about her past by our parliamentary Bureau had convinced Ms. Guilbault to launch himself into the fray.

    Ms. Guilbault, who is 34 years of age, will be launched its election campaign with 16 weeks of pregnancy to make, and a delivery scheduled for the end of December.

    In the event that she manages to succeed Sam Hamad in the prevailing, the 2 of October next, it will not be the first to give birth by holding the position of mp.

    One has only to think of Pauline Marois, Sylvie Roy, and former elected federal Sheila Copps. Similar examples more recent, however, goes back to a few years.

    “We are in a new campaign, [ … ] literally, the campaign is reset to zero,” said for his part, Philippe Couillard, responding for the first time at the start of the liberal candidate Eric Tétrault.

    According to the prime minister, he had “become obvious” to the liberals that Mr. Tétrault has no other choice than to withdraw from the race in the Louis-Hébert.

    “I don’t think his campaign could continue, be it for a single day longer,” said Mr. Couillard, during a media scrum at Montreal yesterday morning.

    Decision already made

    Mr. Couillard denied that he was firmly put an end to the campaign of Mr. Tétrault because the CAQ has decided to do so with Mr. Sauvageau. According to the liberal leader, the decision to put an end to its campaign had been made even before Mr. Tétrault made the announcement.

    The liberals are continuing their research in order to find a new candidate.

    — With the collaboration of Philippe Orfali

    Who is Genevieve Guilbault?

    • 34 years old
    • Spokesperson and head of communications of the Office of the coroner for eight years.
    • Was particularly well known during the tragedy of Lac-Mégantic, L’isle-Verte, and more recently, of the Great mosque of Quebec.
    • From 2006 to 2008, was press officer assistant minister of public Security Jacques Dupuis, who was then Éric Tétrault chief of staff (2007 to 2008).


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