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Entertainment, Techno 8 July, 2017


Before being the husband of Amal, and the proud father of twins, George Clooney was the man most coveted of Hollywood. Recently, during a reality tv show, one of his ex-companions had decided to assign him a note about his sexual performance.

George Clooney is today a happy man. Crazy in love with his wife Amal, they come to welcome into their lives of the twins, the fore mentioned ones, Alexander and Ella. Currently at the edge of Lake Como, the couple resource with the new-born. A bit paranoid, the actor would have lately hired security personnel to monitor its various properties, and would consider even to leave England to go and live in the United States, and more precisely in Los Angeles. The new dad to hold that the English countryside would not provide enough security to its twin. Of family concerns that George Clooney had not when he was the single the most coveted of Hollywood.

An ex-conquest of the actor does today, to talk about it. This is Carole Radziwill, the former wife of Anthony Radziwill, a producer for the ABC network News and the nephew of Jacqueline Kennedy. Writer and journalist, the woman 53-year-old is also part of the cast of the reality tv show Real Housewives of New York City. And in the last episode of the show, she literally dropped on George Clooney. At the beginning of the year 2 000, it said that he had had a relationship with the actor in the movie Ocean’s Eleven. And it was during a game of truth or dare that Carole Radziwill has assigned the score of 9 to George Clooney about his sexual performance. A very good note that the actor would necessarily appreciate.





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