“Get out of intensive care, my most beautiful gift”

Sport 27 June, 2017

Hai vinto la sfida piщ important… tua vita! Buon compleanno amore mio e grazie per avermi fatto capire che l’amore non и sempre uguale e puт essere a dono meraviglioso che ricevi. Auguro a tutte le donne di jar un uomo come te. Love you ❤⚓️ #buoncompleannomax #credetenellamore #truelove #oraesistisolotu #ioete @maxbiaggiofficial

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“This time, I almost miss it,” йcrit Max Biaggi, who fkte Monday, his 46th birthday, on Twitter. The Italian driver has quittй the service rйanimation of the hфpital roman oщ he йtй admitted two weeks ago after an accident а the entraonement. “The most beautiful gift is to come out of rйanimation after 17 days”, he ajoutй in a short text agreed by the hashtags #ritornoallavita (back а life), #paura (fear), and #maxisback (Max is back).

Dedicato a tutti voi. ❤️ pic.twitter.com/nkbgdUuoj5

— Max Biaggi (@maxbiaggi) June 26, 2017

Its cфtй, his companion has postй a photo of her and her chйri, accompagnйe a text: “You have gagnй your dйfi the most important. That of your life. Happy birthday my love and thank you for making me understand that love is not all days the same, and that it can be a wonderful gift that we reзoit. I wish а all women find a man like you. I love you.”

Two surgical interventions

Biaggi, a six-time world speed champion, underwent two surgeries after having йtй victim of a thoracic trauma and multiple fractures of the cфtes. He had chutй on June 9, on the circuit Sagittario of the city of Latina, а fifty kilomutres south of Rome.

Quadruple world champion in the 250 cc and double world champion in Superbike, the former arch-rival Valentino Rossi leads this season a йcurie engagйe in the compйtitions of Supermotard.




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  • Beber
    the 26.06.2017 16:23

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    Forza Max !

    And all this happens to him in his 46ume annйe…а believe that Rossi exercises rйellement a malйdiction on him, same with the word of annйes after ! 🙂 Courage and, above all rйtablissement full а the roman emperor, the great promoter of the GP of my youth.

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  • frocard
    the 26.06.2017 16:54
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    Courage the emperor !

    Four titles in 250 cc.
    Two titles in SBK
    Sixty-four victory in total.
    Respect Max ! And happy birthday

  • Gman
    the 26.06.2017 18:58
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    that a single life!!!

    enjoy every moment of life. ..

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  • mitch46
    the 27.06.2017 00:58
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    What luck, when able to !

    Good, trus trus happy birthday !
    Like me,46 years ago!
    The best annйe !
    Good rйtablissement Max!

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  • Franзoise barron Algar.
    the 26.06.2017 23:26
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    I want 1 prompt rйtablissement а MAX and also 1 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you . good luck а Mrs .
    and very good luck а tt 2 . .

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  • Al Laclairefontaine
    the 26.06.2017 21:10
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    Happy birthday

    Happy birthday Max !

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  • vava
    the 26.06.2017 20:20
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    I am a fan of Rossi since the dйbut because I’m like him “pesarese” but Biaggi is one of the biggest drivers of motorcycle…respect, good rйtablissement and long life, “vecchio lupo”

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  • Andrй
    the 26.06.2017 19:33

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    Courage Max

    A Beber
    Rossi has nothing а see in this accident! These are exceptional men, who respect themselves and douйs a volontй off pair.
    I wish а Max a speedy and full rйtablissement.

    • gimmi
      the 26.06.2017 20:29
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      so just to put the church in the middle of the village, a fervent biker and a hard grand prix , for info Rossi has never had feeling with Biaggi who be dis through the ex 500 has seen more often the rear wheel of Rossi, that another thing and for info n as not too much was aimй by his rivals saw his shots twisted and his great geule from Doohan and j passes, the number of comments of support testify to the indifference that mr. a laissй in and out of the circuit.

    • Richard Engel
      the 26.06.2017 21:44
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      In a championship it is not only the best, we also need pilots who will be fighting to ensure that these best are mйritants, Biaggi, although less titrй that Rossi is a great rider, you don’t become a six time champion in threading of pearls, for the rest I espure that you drive better your bike than your maotrise of the Franзais otherwise misfortune а those that you cross.

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