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News 23 December, 2017
  • Photo By Prisca Benoit
    For erotic shops, the last days before Christmas are the busiest period. Many customers want to spoil their better half with a thought ribald, note Ariane Lévesque, Sexy et Cie, rue Saint-Denis.

    Prisca Benoit

    Saturday, December 23, 2017 22:36

    Saturday, December 23, 2017 22:36

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    The Holiday season is a family character, but for some, it is also naughty. Even if their toys are not for children, the erotic shops are also won by the spirit of the season and see an increase in their ridership during the cold days of December.

    The mother Christmas sexy, it’s out !

    Bells, pom-poms and toques of Christmas does not have more popular among the lovers stripped naked for the past few years, according to co-owner of the boutique Erotika Montreal, Isabelle Moreau.

    “It is a little out of fashion, she believes. Also, people shop a lot faster than before, they do not have the time to try costumes. “

    To keep it a little festive, many will instead opt for a naked chic, note the assistant manager of the Sexy and Cie, Ariane Lévesque.

    “We have several models with diamonds and lace, it gives a glamour,” she says.

    In spite of all, the industry of sex shops is not very oriented towards the theme of Christmas. The bells and the wooden reindeer are scarce in their driveways.

    A must have in the exchanges

    The verdict is without appeal, the erotic shops are the benchmark in gift exchanges in the office, especially when the theme is saucy.

    “Much will be selling sweets, chocolates, and small things to the theme of the Holiday season,” says Ms. Moreau.

    Other customers will rather choose a gift rogue, but all the same practice. “Much will sell oils to massage, let’s say that it goes better than other products !” laughs Ms. Lévesque.

    Scholarships deep

    According to Ms. Moreau, the average bill runs around $ 40 in his shop erotic during the Holiday season. But some customers will decide to bring the package to spoil your loved one.

    In Sexy and Coy, some have left the places with $ 500 of new toys under the arm. “We’re going to have a lot of them, also, who spend in the $ 200 to get a nice vibrator,” says Ms. Lévesque.

    In the shop Priape, the rue Sainte-Catherine, specialized in fetish gay, the cashier-advisor Dominick M. has seen a few bills over $ 2000. “It seems that the customers are in this mind [regarding] spending, but some let themselves go. “

    The most popular

    The sets are a preferred choice among the couples who wish to put a little spice in their relationship. “We have several customers who will leave with a beautiful wiske, a lubricant and an accessory “, illustrates Dominick M.

    Gifts that are smaller, such as condoms, small bottles of lube or a vibrator, will also be found in several of the Christmas stocking.

    “There’s a lot of spouses who will complete their list of larger gifts with a little thought naughty,” said Ms. Moreau. A general rule, the customer is even more at the last minute that in other stores, she believes.