Gifts secrets of the Aga Khan returned to haunt Trudeau

News 27 March, 2018
  • Archival Photo, QMI AGENCY
    Justin Trudeau

    Boris Proulx

    Tuesday, 27 march 2018 17:52

    Tuesday, 27 march 2018 17:52

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    OTTAWA-Justin Trudeau admitted yesterday to have received the Aga Khan a travel bag in exchange for a sweater for Christmas, details that are missing from the public registry is supposed to just make a list of all the gifts of the elect.

    “As we do during the Holiday season with friends of the family, we exchanged gifts, has recognized Justin Trudeau. I gave him a sweater, he gave me a travel bag. “

    The prime minister has been spurred on by questions from the opposition on Tuesday, because the CBC has revealed that a strange loophole in the law allows him to keep secret the nature or the price of these gifts exchanged in 2016.

    Since these gifts have been deemed illegal, or ” unacceptable “, according to the jargon of the ethics commissioner, the prime minister must not declare them in the register. This applies to all donations received during the journey controversial of the family Trudeau on the island of the billionaire religious, two years ago.

    According to the office of the commissioner, only gifts of more than$ 200 to comply with the Law must be included in the public registry on the internet.

    The gifts that suggest that they have been given to influence an elected official are, by definition, ” unacceptable “, and therefore remain secret. Their value is not taken into consideration.

    “What is this gift [which is according to the ethics commissioner’s] unacceptable, and that has made the prime minister “, asked a new times yesterday, the leader of the conservatives, Andrew Scheer.

    NDP mp Guy Caron has also asked the prime minister in the House of the details of the gift of the Aga Khan, suspecting that it was of great value.

    The prime minister has not clarified what he makes of these gifts. He claims to have worked with the ethics commissioner, answered all his questions and accepted its recommendations.

    The prime minister’s Office has not responded to the e-mail of the Journal, to know if the Trudeau government intends to put an end to that loophole for gifts.