Girl from Britain called the worst phrase during sex : In the World : Vladim

News 4 February, 2018

A very interesting topic for discussion touched upon the inhabitants of the forum Mumsnet. Girls discussed the worst phrases that they had to hear during sex.


It turned out that the cases are pretty funny. For example, one couple had sex, the girl suspected nothing, and after copulation, the husband told her that they were about five minutes watched the child. The other case is more curious – the man accused his beloved that because of sexual intercourse, missed the “Battle robots” and now is in a bad mood.

Another Briton said about the unusual coincidence. She and her husband retired to his room, and during their two-year-old began to shout: “Faster, daddy, faster.” As it turned out, he meant quite another.

Another lady told Internet readers about how completely lost the desire to have sex. Her partner during intercourse, suddenly shouted the phrase “dog is licking my ass.”