Girls from the army of Israel was punished for the clip for Ulyanovsk cadets : In the World : Vladim

News 28 January, 2018

On YouTube appeared a video that depicted girls allegedly serving in the Israeli army. Ladies supported Ulyanovsk cadets dancing in uniform song benny Benassi Satisfaction.


In the video, the girls have been moving bodies to the beat of the music. Users watched video more than 470 thousand times. Some users have called the ladies “army dream”. It later turned out that these women at the moment have no relationship to military service. The video was shot three years ago, so the support of the Ulyanovsk cadets cannot go and speeches. According to officials in the Israeli army, ladies punished otchetliv from the institution for misconduct. The leadership of the University in Ulyanovsk can be called quite democratic since members of the provocative flashmob continue to receive education at this establishment.

Israeli cadets three years ago, shot a video for the song Brandon Beal. However, some craftsmen have redesigned it for more similarity with the “work” of Ulyanovsk cadets. There were users who urgently want to the Israeli army after watching the movie.