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Techno 3 April, 2018

2018-04-03 23:46

Glasses that should be in every home!
Glasses for the home bar.

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Agree, for every beverage should have its own dishes in which the taste, fragrance and color can be. How many types of glasses should be home in the ideal?

It often happens that in the Arsenal of our dishes, particularly the glasses, there are only a couple of types, which is not very convenient if you suddenly invited guests prefer to drink, e.g., whiskey, and you have only wine glasses. It would seem, a trifle, but that’s a different shape for wine glasses is created for reason: it is dishes will help you to fully enjoy the taste and color of the drink.
It’s unreal, think you, to fit in a home bar so many types of glasses. No, you do not need a lot, quite a few standard sets, and then – at your discretion. So, first, the minimum that should be in any bar.

Which glasses should be in every bar
1. Stack (shot). 40-60 ml. Small glass with a thick bottom, sides straight or with expansion up. Designed for strong alcohol, served in its pure form, for example, vodka, or cocktails to drink in one gulp.
2. Highball, tumbler, Collins. 150-300 ml High glasses with straight sides, vary in volume, width and height, you need to have any of them. For filing drenkow mix or long drink and non-alcoholic beverages (juices, sodas).
3. The wine glasses. 100-250 ml. required for a high foot. Glasses for red wine are usually larger in volume and wider. White wine glass has a more elongated shape. For fortified wines of port and Madeira glasses take the smallest volume.
4. Liqueur glass. To 80 ml. With direct or extended up the walls on the leg. Designed for neat liquors. It is not necessary to serve in these glasses of fortified wine and port wine.
5. Champagne flyute. Glasses on a stem, narrow and extended upwards. To supply champagne, sparkling wines and cocktails with them. There are also champagne glasses-saucers.
6. Old fashion, rocks. 100-300 ml of a glass with straight sides and thick bottom. Used for whiskey and drinks with ice.

With the minimum we decided, but if you or your regular guests like, for example, brandy, cocktails, hot drinks, beer, or your holiday table is unthinkable without desserts, need more utensils.
So, cocktail glass (Martini glass, 90-150 ml) in the form of a wide cone on the long leg required for chilled cocktails without ice for most of the cocktails are average to supply doctors with crushed ice.
For brandy it is useful to buy a wide shot on the low foot – sntter (75-250 ml), some prefer cognac glass “Tulip”.
A glass of Irish coffee on a low foot with handle, as Cup need for hot cocktails, mulled wine, punch, fruit tea.
Layered cocktails and desserts are offered in tall and narrow to short leg glasses POUs cafe.
For absinthe glasses suitable for low-legged, narrow at the bottom and extending up sides.
The Margarita glass is used for supply of margaritas, frozen drinks, poko – for “Foam Kaladi”.
For beer to beer glasses, and a special mug.

In General, the types of glasses there are many. For a start it is enough to have needed, and over time, as Hobbies by various drinks set of glasses in your bar will expand by itself.
As for the material, in any case, better glass, despite the value of the crystal. Especially when you want to get pleasure from the color of the drink

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