Glimmer of hope in the treatment of pancreatic cancer

News 6 March, 2018
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    Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly in Canada. Approximately 8 % of the people who have a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer survive.

    This type of cancer is devastating, it appears suddenly, and leaves few chances to the persons affected. A new study by the MUHC, however, could change that.

    Doctors at the MUHC are trying to improve the survival rate of people affected by cancer, which is sometimes caused by a genetic mutation of the DNA.

    These are american researchers of the research University, John Hopkins university in Baltimore who first discovered this genetic mutation.

    In particular they showed that the mutation was more prevalent among French Canadians (8 %) than in the general population (5 %).

    Richard Beauchamp himself has been touched by cancer of the pancreas. The doctors have first discovered a tumor that is inoperable on the pancreas.

    “I was told that I had a tumor large enough to the pancreas, and this tumor, it was inoperable,” says the patient interview to TVA Nouvelles.

    Thanks to DNA testing, the researchers discovered that the cancer was caused by a genetic mutation.

    After a few months of chemotherapy, the tumor has shrunk by half. “This has enabled me to operate,” added the patient.

    After the operation, other treatments of chemotherapy and radiation therapy followed.

    Richard Beauchamp no longer has a pancreas, but works normally, and more importantly, he survived.

    The cancer has completely disappeared since the surgery.

    Since his cancer was caused by a genetic mutation, her family members are also followed very closely by the doctors.

    They participate in the study, researchers at the MUHC to improve the longevity of people with cancer of the pancreas.