Global leadership with new methods: the United States believe in “secret plans” of China In the World : Vladim

News 11 February, 2018

The us military has managed to reveal the true plans of China on the organization of war against the United States. Although the Chinese and cleverly tried to encrypt from the observation of specialists is hardly something you can hide.


Chinese military commander sun Tzu has developed a strategic plan to capture the U.S. more than 2500 years ago, but China is currently actively interested in the plan to be able to bring it to reality. Only actually they do not imply the occupation of the country, and the complete irreversible destruction of the American continent. By all means the Chinese military command had intended to classify this as important information, but the U.S. found out about the insidious plans.

All the salt in the process of the strategic plan for destruction of the United States is hidden in the full disarmament of the country. This means that the Chinese will play the role of these punitive, but it is “irrelevant”. Thus, the war with the United States will be “strangers” hands. Experts say that one of the first actions of the PRC, will be the introduction of American information systems with subsequent excretion of their failure. So the Chinese kill two birds with one stone – deprived of the opportunity of command to give orders to the perpetrators and protect the country from new information. The result will be a real “hullabaloo” between the American fleet and land army.

According to military experts, the U.S., the current policy China can be peaceful, as at the present moment the Chinese are just playing for time in his own favor, assessing all the way with the help of talented professionals.
There is reliable information that China’s military began a collaboration with scientists who are involved in developments in the field of artificial intelligence. With their help, they intend to create a real army with heavy weapons of the new generation, which shattered smash of the United States, without giving any possibility to restore back. This course will serve as a control shot to the head. Disarmed in terms of information, the United States will not be able to prevent the enemy attack and become vulnerable to the limit. And after that, China will finally decide the fate of the enemy, putting their leadership to the fore front of the rest of the world.


Very remarkable is the fact that similar U.S. technology has been used in 1991 against Iraq. At that time the command of the PRC was taken from this lesson for the future, and now is perfectly able to run it against US. Although there is speculation that the U.S. rulers will not allow the introduction of China, ahead of his invention it security in the future.