GND confess: to attack the PQ, it is useful!

News 21 January, 2018
  • Michel Hébert

    Sunday, 21 January 2018 13:12

    Sunday, 21 January 2018 13:34

    Look at this article

    Very interesting, this remark of Gabriel Nadeau Dubois for Télé-Québec. A note which pushed the pq members, outraged, furious, teeth clenched and the fingers at the shot on Twitter and Facebook.

    Here is what he said true head of QS during the show In the media :

    “Québec solidaire, if you want to have the media attention, the best way is to attack the Parti québécois. […] There it is known that, all of a sudden, all the mics will get soft, and all the cameras will be on us.”

    He has it all figured out, GND. He will go far, I tell you. It will make the happiness of the functionally illiterate as he is already the one of university and cegep students.

    Take on the PQ, it is a take on the Grail sovereignist. It’s like vandalizing a church. Or knock down the tombstones in a cemetery.

    It is a sin of our days. Especially in our days. Touch the PQ, it is almost blasphemous. From there, the attention instant media against the iconoclasts in solidarity.

    This is even more funny than the field of ruins glimpsed by Parizeau is undeniable, and the augurs the worst.


    Which raises the question : but who is going to want the leadership of the PQ next fall?

    Lisée has not the humility of a second violin parliamentary. And his re-election in Rosemont-Petite Patrie is not at all gained… The termites of the left community are already at work.

    Alexandre Cloutier will be gone. As for Aussant, the occurring, that mean? He will descend from the sky or remain in the highest heavens. The happiness or displeasure of his audience; and all the time, there were for believing in that which never comes…

    At one time, there was something sacred in the task of leading the PQ. Because he was the only one to want to make the Beautiful province a country. It is nearly there but the idealists were not numerous enough…

    The current bloodletting, it will be to say that he is a “great opportunity” of recovery, but the Quebec ordinary sees the first signs of a great stampede.

    Agnes Maltais retirement

    Photo Simon Clark


    It was actually the feeling that a page of history is turning in front of our eyes live on tv. This party is dying. One after the other, the exhausted paraded on tv to say that they hang up, tired, aged, at the end of the path.

    As in the song, with time, goes, everything goes. To the envy of blowing madly in a balloon that deflates for over twenty years.

    Twenty years of words and equivocation. Twenty years of disability. Twenty, thirty, fifty years of a dramatic destiny…

    Subject to the master-singers union, the Quebecois have only one winner : the State of the pastures forever fed are reserved to golden calves and sacred cows…

    Arise in a high-le-heart of the fragments of the refus global : “They have dedicated themselves to a fixed salary, plus a bonus for dear life, to the organization of the proletariat, demanding still more tax… René Lévesque was disgusted.

    Waiting for the return of the social-bureaucracy, nervousness gaining the complex of political and media local whose stock in trade would be decommissioned with the end of the PQ.

    At the end of a paragraph, or on the advice of an expert, it is suggested that the ultimate Moses: Jean-Martin 1st… After Boisclair, Marois, PKP, Lisée, why not!

    The phantom of the opera

    Photo courtesy

    But the phantom of the opera sovereigntist wants it that Cloutier did not want to? Cloutier, who before the genuflections in the fall…

    Shunned twice, he set sail to cut off the whistle to supputateurs contrite. Because it is to him that after the defeat, would turn the activists pq members if clairvoyants… ticking.

    Some hope for the return of Pierre Karl Péladeau. Without a doubt, is it always loving to policy, but his return is it really possible? For the rest, it would run the risk of to conclude the chronicle of a wreck foretold.

    In Québec solidaire, looks like Zinoviev, a “bright future” is very possible. Moreover, time plays in favor of QS. The CAQ will be able to resist long to the chorus of abuse the union which make the joy of music fill; the people clamor for social peace, and will consent to have.

    With her little prince Gabriel Nadeau Dubois, Québec solidaire, will be in a better position than the PQ in 2022.

    Detail forgotten these days : GND launched in 2016, a tour of Quebec entitled “let’s talk”, a version of solidarity of the canadian Night…

    At his side, there was a certain Jean-Martin Aussant, the marquis of the socio-economy…