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Sport 6 November, 2016

go-ahead-eagles-vs-feyenoordGo Ahead Eagles vs Feyenoord live streaming free
Match Preview “Go Ahead Eagles” – “Feyenoord”

Netherlands. Deventer. Stadium “De Adelarskhorst”
“Feyenoord” Rotterdam
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“Go Ahead Eagles” – “Feyenoord.” The announcement of the match and forecast
Oleg Barkov AUTHOR: OLEG BARKOV 1 X 2 8.80 5.50 1.37 BET
“Гоу Эхед Иглз” – “Фейеноорд”. Анонс и прогноз матча
November 6, 2016. 17:45. Deventer. Stadium “Adelarskhorst”.
Dutch Eredivisie. 12th round.

“Go Ahead Eagles” (Deventer) – “Feyenoord” (Rotterdam)

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Disqualified: Sander Fischer ( “Go Ahead Eagles”)
Injured: Sinan Byutyuk, Sebastien leggings, Tom Damen, Chris David, Leon de Kogel, Lars lambooy, Sander Duyts Kevin Brands – Brad Jones, Kenneth Vermeer, Warner Hahn, Sven van Beek, Karim El Ahamadi

On a visit to one of the main outsider season will welcome the leader of the Eredivisie. In recent matches, “Feyenoord” somewhat stalled, lost the winning pace. The match with the “Go Ahead Eagles” – a great opportunity to return to the path of success and add confidence itself. Especially after a difficult voyage to Odessa.

Ukrainian fans could personally observe the game, “cockroaches”. Bright and sparkling, it was not, not with the aim of “Feyenoord” came to Ukraine, and the “cockroaches” bylagodarya draw in the match with the “Dawn” (1:1) had escaped the leader of their group in the Europa League and have an excellent chance of reaching in the playoffs. At the same forces in the field of the stadium “Chernomorets”, “Feyenoord” left enough, in fact Van Bronckhorst team had to spend the entire second half a man down. In the morning, before leaving for Holland, rotterdamtsy looked tired.

“Feyenoord” lost points in two games in a row championship – in duels with “Ajax” (1: 1) and “Heerenveen” (2: 2). Any mistake will not only get close to the competitors rotterdamtsam (now “Ajax” is behind by three points), but it can seriously damage psychology with than the “cockroaches” had problems last season.

Moreover, if the “feuille” lose points on the inveterate outsider. “Eagles” have suffered three defeats in a row, but only in Eredivisie this season produced just two wins in 11 matches – both on the same outsiders “Rhoda” (2: 0) and “Excelsior” (3: 0).

1 “Feyenoord” Rotterdam eleven 9 2 0 28-6 22 29
17 “Go Ahead Eagles” Deventer eleven 2 2 7 10-21 -eleven 8
“Go Ahead Eagles” – “Feyenoord”: approximate composition
At Van Bronckhorst has a severe headache – the goalkeeper position. In Odessa, it seems, he was injured hip Brad Jones, but Per Hansson but the youth remained at the disposal of the coaching staff. Still I have not joined the team Tony Villena, whose mother died in the week. Trauma interferes with play El Ahamadi, who flew to Odessa not. It turns out that in the middle of the field, we once again see Keith at which play Tapia and Veyinovich. The rest of the changes in the “feuille” is not expected.

At the “Eagles” as a lot of people in the hospital, this is just one of the reasons that today wards Hans de Koning are located in the basement of the standings. And then there’s disqualification Sander Fischer arrived in time, but another injury Sander Deytsa, appeared in time. Last – the best scorer of the “heads” of the season.

“Go Ahead Eagles” – “Feyenoord” Forecast author
The year before last season, “Eagles” to “De Kёype” beat “cockroaches” and in general is regularly collected points from the giants. But the current “Go Ahead Eagles” is far away from you two years ago. I doubt that the guys de Koning will be able to do something with the pressure, “feuille”, let he will play on the background of fatigue. Yet visitors is much higher class.

Rotterdam. “Feyenoord” Stadium. 47,000 spectators
Referee: Kevin Blom
Assistants: Patrick Langkamp, Bas van Dongen
“Feyenoord” – “Go Ahead Eagles” 0: 1
Goal: 71 Reimerink
“Feyenoord”: Vermeer, Kongolo (those Wrede 80), van Beek, Nelom, Al Ahmadi, Tornstra (Vilhena 46), Klas, Karsdorp, Kazim-Richards, Ashabar (Butyus 46), Manu
Coach Fred Rutten
“Go Ahead Eagles”: Van der Hart, Vrinds, Wijnaldum, Nieuwpoort, van der Linden, Overgor, van Oyen (Duyts 77) Tyuryuch, De Sa, Plet (Calder 90 + 4), Verhoek (Reimerink 27)
Coach: Dennis Demmers
Warnings: Manu 45 – 53 Overgor