Go Pokemon: Mewtwo arrives in December?

Techno 21 November, 2016

pokemon-go-mewtwoWhile the end of the year approaching, Pokemon Go could prepare a very big blow by 2017.

You know, in Pokemon Go, which would have fuiter the date of the second generation , only the first generation of Pokemon are available. In all, therefore you have available 151 monsters, except Ditto, who will already be available in the game, but no one has yet succeeded in flushing, the Legendary Articuno, Moltres and Elekthor and Mew and Mewtwo. But Mewtwo, the Pokemon created by man could be the next Pokemon to land on our phones . According to the magazine Forbes , Niantic would indeed begun deploying a special event to allow the distribution of Mewtwo. Legendary would be available for a limited time.
Pokemon Go, mewtwo
Do not mess!
As can be expected, if Mewtwo time arrives for a special event at the end of the year, it is likely whether the Thanksgiving event in Pokemon Go tipped by many fans at unless either of the Christmas event. A beautiful gift under the tree in perspective, and probably we had hoped for better after Pokemon GB. While the game continues to lose players, Niantic will clearly have to double our efforts and organize more and more events and special distributions to maintain the interest of fans over time. Which legendary Pokemon would you like to see land in the coming months?