God of War: New on the son of Kratos

Techno 16 January, 2017

A clever little man managed to find the name of the son of Kratos in the next God of War by analyzing the MP3 file of a title heard during the Sony conference of the E3 2016.
We now know his name … A netizen named Fabiano Banin (@fbanin on Twitter) has found in a review, analyzing the soundtrack broadcast during the Sony conference at E3, the son of Kratos in the upcoming God of War, absent from the PlayStation Experience 2016 , was called Atreus . A meaningful name for those who have done a bit of mythology at school. For others, Atreus (Atreus in French) is, in Greek mythology, king of Mycenae (or Argos), father of Agamemnon and Menelaus (hero of the Trojan War) and founder of the cursed bloodline Atrides. A link with the unhappy destiny of Kratos? It’s possible.

Anyway, the name mentioned in the tweet Fabiano Banin was confirmed by Cory Barlog, executive creator of the next God of War , in another tweet that we suggest above. A post which reads ” The name of the son of Atreus is Kratos, @fbanin beautiful discovery .” On the other hand, no more information at the moment, Cory Barlog silenced radio since on his work on the game. Hoping to have news soon, for an upcoming release of the title? There are several months writing you spoke of God of War and the fact that it was not necessary to have a PS4 Pro to play. What do you expect from God of War?