Going to work, broke a nail? Broke a heel? Stumbled and almost fell? Do not blame fate

Techno 14 February, 2018

2018-02-14 10:07

Going to work, broke a nail? Broke a heel? Stumbled and almost fell? Do not blame fate
All these minor troubles – the harbingers of the great love of luck. He of St. Valentine on February 14 comes down from heaven and helps lonely people find their soul mate.

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Valentine’s day, or Valentine’s Day – a holiday that February 14 is celebrated by many people around the world.

Presumably named for one of the two early Christian martyrs named Valentine – Valentine Stramski and Valentin Roman.

All the lovers, loved, kohaut look forward to February 14th because on this day we celebrate this magical romantic holiday when everywhere is heard the Declaration of love, and mailboxes overflowing with Valentines from secret admirers.

But what if you haven’t found your soulmate? To sit alone with sadness and pity in watching someone else’s happiness? Of course not! You can use the magic of Valentine’s day, to establish his personal life, and to attract love.

Legend has it that St. Valentine himself February 14 comes down from heaven and helps lonely people find their soul mate. That is why Valentine’s day is the day happy romantic meetings.

If you are lucky enough to find their love or to get married in Valentine’s day, thanks to the patronage of St. Valentine, your relationship will always be harmonious, and the family will reign love and happiness.

Love signs

– If a girl meets up with her lover and kisses him in new moon is very good, because she will soon become his bride. In the marriage both will love and wealth.

A good omen is if the girl, thinking about your man, hears the cry of a cock – bird foretells a quick wedding.

– Choosing a meeting place, lovers should prefer the seashore or the bottom of the hill, or thicket – this means that they will be each other true, and feeling their will be. Well, if there grows a briar or Creek flow (river). Poplars, however, should be avoided. – If you write a letter to a loved one, it needs to be done, when the clock begin to strike midnight.

-You should not send letters to your loved on Christmas day or on February 29, which, as you know, happens only once in 4 years. To bring the message to the mail be very careful to drop it on the road heralds a fight.

– To learn the name of her future husband, take a slug (snail without shell), who accidentally gets in your eyes. Put it on the table, sprinkled with flour or ashes, and cover with a wooden Cup. By morning, his mucous trail will develop into the initials of your future husband. – Best time for marriage proposals – it’s Friday night, and about the engagement in this case it is necessary to announce on Saturday.

A lucky stone for lovers is the turquoise – blue color symbolizes constancy. Another early pledge of allegiance was broken sestinas, the halves of which the lovers had carried with him, to never give up. For this purpose they kept the curls to each other in a special way twisted.

– engaged should not together to be photographed (!), Otherwise they will soon break up, or their life together will be unhappy. To avoid this, they should not also together to admire the new moon through the tall grass and meet up at crossroads and bridges, canals and ponds, as well as on the plains. Otherwise, their passion will turn into mutual hatred and respect, in mocking contempt.

– Those who want to make their romance flowed easily and smoothly, should meet on the steps (especially the bad omen is to kiss or cuddle standing on the stairs). Discord will lead and writing love letters in ink of any colour other than blue (in our computer age it is no longer relevant) or a simple pencil.

– Deciding to make a gift to his half, do not buy gloves, a watch, a brooch or a knife (separation). Some believe that the failure in this case can be averted, if you obtain from the seller the delivery of small change. Give your fiancé a knife – a sign that you want to break off the engagement. But if he doesn’t accept the gift, him of the accident.

– Saraceni girl should not try on an engagement ring, as this may end in a sudden break with fiancé. And, of course, in any case can not this ring to lose.

– To find out who’s your soul mate, come to the Church on the eve of Valentine’s Day and when the clock will strike twelve, go around the Church, saying: “Sowed hemp plant cannabis. Who loves me, come to harrow “. And your mate will appear before you.

– The girl, leaving the house, forget to look to the North, is likely to remain a spinster. – If you pick some yarrow from the grave of a man and at night put under the pillow, the beloved will appear to you in dreams.

– According to national signs, if you brought coffee in bed, gave a card with a poem about love, baked a cake in the shape of a heart and love constantly throughout the day – so come Valentine’s day! Suffer! And – happy holidays!

– It so happens that for some reason you suddenly want to change your hairstyle or hair color. This likely indicates a subconscious desire to change lives. But if others begin to advise you to grow or cut hair, repainted in blonde or brunette, you know – not far off love. Well, or at least a pleasant hobby.

– Many of us in the house intermittently lost things. And some are. That day when you find a lost ring when you know what you are waiting for a serious romance. Found the same earrings (or even one earring) hold the promise of not just a romance and impending wedding. But one must consider the caveat – luck “works” only if the discovery was going on at home and it is your personal jewelry. Find also the wrong jewellery or jewelry on the street or in a public place – just a pleasant surprise. At the same time to pick up specialists in magic strongly do not recommend: you can take other people’s negativity and problems.

– Another sign is rooted in antiquity. If friends somehow decided that you are pregnant, you will find a great feeling. Occultists believe that a woman “bears” love is in the waiting of the elect, filled it and it actually becomes something akin to the expectant mother: a few detached and directed inward gaze, the delicate beauty inherent in women in the state.

How to meet fate

Going to work, broke a nail? Ripped tights or a skirt hem? Broke a heel? Stumbled and almost fell? Do not blame fate. All these minor troubles – the harbingers of the great love of luck. And if you think about it, you can understand why. Indeed, sometimes, prevent us to meet the love of your life. And with the help of these delays, the universe gives us a chance to slow down time and still find that person we would not have met, coming out of the house on time. Insignificant physical injuries too as not strange, are pidlubny motivated. Connected with them so much will take, what not to believe them impossible. Judge. The girl hurt her elbow so her boyfriend unmarried remembered. When sewing with a needle colaluca – will soon fall in love. While eating cheek to bite that cheek kissing will. To fall on the “fifth point” – the serious fan. Apparently, so beautiful half of humanity sends live signals your feminine helplessness that is passed on to the relevant recipients. And now svacc-newmill to prick your finger blowing a loving husband. And the one that falls out of the blue, elbow supports reliable gentleman.