Good business in the city centre of Rimouski

News 14 July, 2017
  • Simon Gamache Fortin – QMI Agency

    Friday, 14 July 2017 18:58

    Friday, 14 July 2017 18:58

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    RIMOUSKI – The city centre of Rimouski, in Bas-Saint-Laurent, is buzzing with the many events that are held simultaneously and the increase of tourist traffic, so that the merchants are doing a roaring trade.

    Terraces urban for 10 days, the visit of Tall ships to the port of Rimouski and 150 artists performing in the Place of the Veterans: the city centre of Rimouski a thriving hub of activities.

    The restaurateurs and the traders have invaded the Saint-Germain street, which is pedestrian until July 23. Tourists and citizens will be very many in the course of the next few days. Traders doing business in gold.

    “Never before seen on the rue Saint-Germain, is expected to double in the past year was already double what it usually does, so we’re ready to go. All the world has gone to great lengths,” said Tommy Cloutier, owner of the Maison du Spaghetti and the Inn of the Old House.

    “I would say that we will double certainly the numbers business at this time,” added Julie Morneau, co-owner of the Lotus.

    The merchants have hired more staff. The opening hours are also amended.

    “We will open earlier in the morning too. Last year, there are two evenings where we had stayed open until 2 a.m. in the morning. There is a shuttle that leaves people during the high Holidays Telus,” said Lizanne Leblond, owner of The Cream-crazy.

    Another major event will add to the long list of activities. The Great Feasts Telus will open on Thursday with big names. A good number of extra visitors will converge in Rimouski. The accommodation is hard to find.

    “It is complete, comprehensive, since I would say, April. People continue to call, but we can’t accept,” said Cathy Boudreau, coordinator at the Hotel on The Browser.

    According to traders, events such as terraces, urban are getting Rimouski elsewhere in Quebec.

    “The point of view of tourism, it brings a lot to a lot of people. It’s going to help us tremendously. People are increasingly aware of Rimouski, then it will be a little more on the “map” at this time”, stressed Anne Myla-Fournier, manager at Saint Barnabas.