Good Plan: XBox One with 10 games for a little more than 300 euros

Techno 20 December, 2016

10 games in one go with an XBox One, it seems impossible? Auchan did it with this pack more than alchechant for a little over 300 euros!
The games and console packs are a sure bet for Christmas presents. As the fateful date draws closer, the supermarkets redouble their inventiveness to offer you the most tempting offers. Between the right plan Playstation 4 with 4 games to less than 300 euros and other discounts on phones, difficult to navigate. But if you are more Microsoft than Sony level consoles, this promotion from Auchan should please you. The supermarket offers to buy the Xbox One with 10 games for a little more than 300 euros with a saving of almost 160 euros. The latter was therefore reduced from 481.82 euros to 319.99 euros ! A good plan not to miss.

The XBox One with 10 games
The icing on the cake: it is possible for reduced budgets to pay in several installments. But what do we find in this Xbox One pack with 10 games? First, the hits for lovers of thrills as The Evil Within (by the creator of Resident Evil) or Alien Isolation. For those who like FPS, there are Call of Duty Ghosts, Titanfall or Halo 5 Guardians. For the rest, there are Thief, Sleeping Dogs, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Recore and Star Wars Battlefront. With all this, the promise of long hours of play alone or with your friends. Auchan, which already proposed the XBox One with 6 games for less than 250 euros is once again showing generous with gamers. To nab this deal, go to this address . Ready to jump on this bargain?