Goodwill recorded in the city centre of Montreal

News 17 December, 2017
  • QMI agency

    Sunday, 17 December 2017 17:57

    Sunday, December 17, 2017 18:07

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    The frenzy of Christmas does not seem to have won the city centre of Montreal, so that merchants entrust feel a drop in attendance compared to past years.

    Different hypotheses have been advanced to explain this situation, that this is the loading of the snow, which has limited the number of parking spaces available or work on the Turcot interchange, which make more difficult the access to the city centre.

    “If I compare with the previous years, I found that there was a decline a few”, has entrusted to TVA Nouvelles, a shoe salesman from the city centre. “It is a little lower than previous years, but we can handle it anyway”, added a jeweler whose shop is located in the same area.

    The situation seems quite different in shopping malls where customers were at the rendezvous in this last weekend before the Holidays. This was particularly the case in the Galeries d’anjou in Montreal.

    During the passage of TVA News, several families were on site meet father Christmas and complete their shopping. The customers have preferred the shopping centres in the city centre for various reasons.

    “There are more stores. On Sainte-Catherine, it is necessary that you walk. […] I like best the shopping centres,” said a customer.

    “Everything is in the same place, so it’s been a little less travel,” added another man.

    For its part, a woman has suggested that the parking lot is not an important factor in guiding his choice. “No, if I want to go there [downtown], I’ll find a parking lot or I’ll walk. I can park a few streets away, it doesn’t bother me.”